"In great affairs men show themselves as they wish to be seen; in small things they show themselves as they are."

Nicholas Chamfort


the year in review: 2006

Welcome New Year's card recipients! You came here in search of an annual update of the Clint and Heather Miner family and that is what you are going to get. We like to keep these annual updates brief, so here goes: traveled, quit jobs, started business, moved, new callings, car accident, physical therapy, year end.

Maybe that was too brief, so we'll stretch it just a little. This past year brought us a typical assortment of travel opportunities to such exotic locales as the San Gabriel Valley, North Las Vegas and Clearfield. Our favorite getaway this past year had to be to Bryce Canyon National Park. What an absolutely remarkable place. By the way, Clint finally did get to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain for the first time as a married man and ride this, so he is a happy soul.

Halfway through the year, we decided the timing was right and both left our day-to-day employment to enter the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. This departure was accompanied by the formation of Elements Floral Studio.  As the name should infer, it is retail florist shop of which we are the proud owners and operators. Although this decision has more than once left us wondering where our next meal will come from, we absolutely love what we do and have been greatly blessed. Of course, if you have any flower needs in the Phoenix Metro area, you know where to turn. (We're sorry, shameless plug.)

About the time we left our jobs, we decided a move was in order. We are currently operating our shop out of our home (delivery only), so a bigger workspace and more centralized location was needed. Selling our home was an ordeal we do not wish to repeat anytime soon, but with the help of a great REALTOR, we were able to finally complete the sale in just under six months. (Maybe listing our house on Tuesday 6 June 2006 wasn't such a hot idea after all.) We now live in beautiful Higley, Arizona (which is actually not really a city, but a census-designated place). As always, our current address can be found here.

In the church world, our move brought us the opportunity for new callings this past year. Heather enjoys her position as the Visiting Teaching Coordinator and Clint serves happily as the Second Counselor in the Sunday School Presidency. Clint's dad is the Sunday School President in his ward, so he was excited to have someone to talk shop with about the wonderful world of Sunday School. We both love being able to serve our ward and the Lord.

Early in the month of November, tragedy was narrowly averted when Heather was involved in a very serious car accident. We will spare the details, except for the most important one, Heather was able to walk away from the crash without any life threatening injuries. This is a miracle considering she was both rear-ended and broadsided in our Sentra, which was totaled. (Once the updates listed below take place, we will post photos.) This was the greatest blessing we received this past year, to have Heather enter 2007 alive and well.

For Heather, the accident was followed by about eight weeks of physical therapy. Although there wasn't any massive physical injury, the crash left her pretty banged up and in need of some corrective action to prevent lifelong after effects. She may not have always loved it, but we are both thankful that it has helped her to return to the condition she was in prior to the accident.

That pretty much brings us to the year end. This annual review was a little lengthier than we had planned, but hopefully no one was nodding off there in the middle. Right alongside our challenges and struggles, we are loving life and thankful for each and every day. We love you all and hope all is well. Please keep us up to date on your goings on and have a fabulous 2007!

what? an update?

We know, we know, you thought the day would never come. You might take note, however, that it did snow in Phoenix this past Sunday (21 January 2007). We'd link to an article, but azcentral.com has this nasty habit of moving their stories into the not-so-free archives with astonishing speed. If you don't live around here, you'll just have to take our word.

Well, after not seeing much action in oh, almost two years, the winds of change are blowing through the streets of Minerville. The changes planned have more to do with content than with design, but you're not here for the design anyway, are you? Minerville will shortly be interfaced with a "state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform." This change will be reflected on the front page and give it more of a blog-style feel. The main benefit of this change is that it will allow for simpler, more frequent posting by both Clint and Heather. This will also allow for Minerville to have its own RSS feed, which means you can stop wasting all of those productive hours at work checking to see if we've updated the website, we'll now let you know automatically.

Finally, a new backend will be installed for the photos section of Minerville. Again, this won't mean much to you in the way of looks or functionality, but it will mean more photos added, more frequently. Our current setup in that section has been a little buggy (as you may have noticed) and therefore, has dampened our desire to deal with it and try to add more glorious photos. The new system should make things much easier for all involved.

Please keep checking back, these updates should go live in the next month or so and ultimately mean one thing: more new content! Hopefully these changes make Minerville the place you want to be (at least when it comes to news about the Clint and Heather Miner family). Enjoy!

welcome to minerville!

Hello family and friends (and anyone else who might stumble upon this piece of land on the World Wide Web)! It's great to have you here. This website is the Internet home for the family of Clint and Heather Miner (which currently consists solely of Clint and Heather). It is, and will probably always remain, an ever-evolving work in progress. It should shortly become a fully-functioning work in progress; however, at this early stage of the game, it is only a partially-functioning work in progress. Please bear with us.

Minerville went live on Monday 14 February 2005, Valentine's Day (or for those of you in Arizona or Oregon, Statehood Day). The primary focus of the initial launch was the photo gallery and more specifically, the Our First Home and Wedding collections. You can view them by selecting photos on the navigation bar above. Please, have a look around and stop by from time to time. I am making no guarantees on any type of update schedule, but there is much more content we hope to add soon. Once again: welcome and enjoy!

wedding thank you cards

We're guessing that the first wave of visitors to Minerville are probably recipients of Thank You cards for our wedding gifts. No, your mind is not deceiving you; we were married one and a half years ago. So first off, let us say how incredibly sorry we are for taking so long. It certainly was not for lack of gratitude; we were so blessed with all of the wonderful gifts we received. We just dropped the ball and hopefully you will be able to forgive us.

The Thank You cards and the Minerville website were conceived in conjunction with one another and as a way for everyone who attended the wedding festivities or sent a gift to be able to see many of the photos from the events that took place. Again, you can view those by selecting photos on the navigation bar above. From that original idea, Minerville has grown to what it will become in the coming months. Hopefully it is worth the wait.

You may have noticed a little line or two on the bottom of your Thank You card about why it is arriving so late. Emily Post said that it is better late than never to send out Thank You cards (even if it has been more than a year), but we felt we could still use a little humor to soften the blow. There were a variety of different phrases we used to keep things interesting. To give you a chance to see the ones you didn't receive, they are all listed below:

HHopefully you got a little kick out of them and forgot, if even for a moment, that we failed miserably in getting our Thank You cards out on time. We cannot take full credit for those sentiments. The basic idea for each of the phrases came courtesy of Eric Shenk, whom we don't know from Adam. We stumbled across his family page when looking for funny reasons as to why your Thank You card is so late. I think we hit the jackpot. There are far more reasons listed on his website. Check it out, it's a good read. Hopefully he takes no offense to our slightly modifying his ideas for our use. We thought they were brilliant!

work in progress

As previously mentioned, Minerville is a work in progress. Normally that just means that the content and layout of the website will be periodically tweaked and modified at the whim of the webmaster (Clint). Since this website is just launching, however, it also means that not all of the sections are available yet. To you, the end user, this means that you may click on a link (for example, bios) and it will do nothing. This is no cause for concern; it only means that the page is not yet available. By design, if you click on a link for a page that does not yet exist, it will loop back to the page you are on (essentially, not do anything). As soon as the pages are completed, I will post them and the links will be come active.

If you click on a link and it tries to go somewhere, but you get an error message stating that the page cannot be displayed, then there may be an error and we would certainly appreciate you reporting it to us. Contact information can be found by selecting contact on the navigation bar above. If you want to view a list of what sections have been completed to date and are currently available, just select updates in the footer down below. This page will have a current listing of any updates or changes made to the website, so you can always see what's new.